History of Hare Krishna Food for life in Australia

The Hare Krishna Food for life organization in Brisbane and Queensland is part of the The Hare Krishna Food for life Group Inc. which was founded in Australia in October of 1990 with the purpose to distribute freely vegetarian foodstuffs to anyone who is in need due to economic difficulties, natural disasters or any other situation causing people suffering through insufficient food supply.

The charity organization has since been active in many cities of Australia like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, giving free meals to people in need, homeless, disadvantaged persons etc., and is increasing its activities every year all over the continent.

In Brisbane the Hare Krishna outlet of free meals was started for the first time in 1991, and fed tens of thousands of people for over 11 years. The project was mainly managed by Michael Brydon, who did it as a volunteer service for more than 7 years. Unfortunately, soon after Michael Brydon left the project, it was suspended for 12 years, but was started again on the 15th of September 2014.

The food is as always freshly cooked every day and sold for an affordable price to the public until 2.00pm. After 2.00 pm anyone can pick up a take away meal for a voluntary donation. Many homeless people and people who suffer from drug abuse have since been able to get a nutritious, healthy and tasty meal.