Hare Krishna Food for Life Group Inc. is an Australian-wide charity organization with the objective of helping people going through difficult times by serving cheap and free meals. Our food is vegetarian to help save the environment, avoiding unnecesary cow an animal slaughter, which is the prime cause for deforestation, harmful methane gas production and contamination of our water resources on the planet. 

“Love goes through the stomach”  

Everybody needs to share a free meal given in love from time to time. “Love goes through the stomach” is an important message for us when trying to reach people’s hearts in a competitive and modernized world. Once a trust-relationship has been built up with the person in need, counseling and professional help becomes a much easier next step.

Besides that our meals are vegetarian, an important aspect when it comes to "respect" the life of others, including the animals, avoiding unnecesary brutality for the enjoyment of our tongue.

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Why are some workers/members of Food for Life not totally vegan?

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