Plans for our future

Opening of an Op-Shop (Matchless goods)

Op shop

Many people have lately asked for voluntary service either online or in person. Also donations of clothing, blankets and other utensils have been offered frequently. The management of Food for Life is therefore considering an Op-Shop as a possibility to cover those needs.

An ideal location would definitely be somewhere in Fortitude Valley near our free-food outlet, so the volunteers could also have access to the free meals there. We are looking for an appropiate venue. If you have experience of working in an Op-Shop, or if you know any location that could be suitable for us please contact us .

The income of such a charity-business, after covering the minimal expenses, could help us go to the next step:


Supplying meals to the Brisbane suburbs


New van to distribute meals all over Brisbane

Our meals have been served out continuously over the last 2 years in Fortitude Valley. As a next step we would like to get a new vehicle and transform its inside, so take-aways can easily be served out from the van. Special hot boxes keep the meals warm for up to 4 hours, and suburbs like Acacia Ridge, Goodna or Woodridge could be supplied.

A beautiful Hundai iload van seems to us being the best option for that purpose, of which a 7-10 year old version costs about $10'000. The outfit for the inside with the hot boxes would cost approx. another $3500. This seems a good sum but once everything is set up, many people around Brisbane would benefit from this program.